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When enough people agree on an idea it becomes part of the culture itself!


"The government" has dumped toxic waste everywhere, and carbon in the Earth's atmosphere has exceeded sustainable limits!!! Stop contributing to the war machine!

Mainstream media reports that there are over 300,000 Sovereign Americans living peacefully in North America and doing it successfully without the use of U.S. commerce. That’s one out of every 1,000 Americans that has chosen to stop contributing to the war machine!

Whose jurisdiction are you in anyway?

Have you ever seen one of those parody detective shows where the city cop shows up at a scene of a crime and the sheriff shows up and the staties show up and the city cops says “stay out of this, you’re in my jurisdiction”, and the sheriff says “no you’re in my jurisdiction”, and the statie says “no you’re in my jurisdiction”, and the feddies show up and say “This is a federal crime, so we’re taking over the investigation.”

Who controls the feddies?

It’s been propagated in the public sector that there are three branches of government in America but that’s simply not true!

What people generally don’t understand is that there is a fourth branch of government called “The People” and it’s that branch of government that actually controls the feddies.

U.S. citizens are not considered people, but rather, deceased estates!

If you have done any homework at all, you already know that the UNITED STATES is a piece of paper called a corporation and that every U.S. citizen is a piece of paper called a “birth certificate” which is actually a very valuable estate trust in probate. Neither of these pieces of paper qualify as “The People”, nor does any other kind of artificial person.

Now as far as status goes, the U.S. citizens are not included in “We the People” because that citizenship was created for freed slaves, immigrants, orphans and idiots and it’s documented by a piece of paper which is a kind of a charter.

So, where are “The People”?

Now, if we look at what the media is saying, we can conclude that it’s really these 300,000 private Citizens in America that have direct influence over all jurisdictions in America. This truth has gone viral because there are countless advantages to moving all of your accounting from the U.S. to one of the 50 States, or your own private nation, “offshore” from the District of Columbia.

The real reason they are regurgitating the same propaganda that defames the noble sector of society is because the American population of “We the People” has reached influential proportions and this makes them very afraid of losing their ability to profit from the ignorance of the uneducated population (i.e. maintain their luxury cars, chandeliers and swimming pools).

So what the media is reporting is that the population of “We the People” is growing and beginning to hold the feddies and lower jurisdictions accountable for their (mis)conduct.

Don’t be impotent!

So, practically speaking, if you really want to do your part in restoring our great nation, stop being proud of the disgraceful and impotent status of “U.S. citizen” and do the process that changes your status to a noble “Sovereign American State Citizen”.

The best way to get control of your public servants and put your country back in the control of “The People” is to read “The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook” and unsubscribe from the UNITED STATES corporation, with the Sui-Juris Sovereignty Kit.

Well, we’re movin’ on up!!!

This changes your status from being a ward of the District of Columbia and exploitable by every pig in the nation, to that of a Private American State Citizen with sovereign immunity! This change of status takes you out of their jurisdiction and puts all of them into your jurisdiction, under your authority.

Having changed your citizenship from U.S. citizen to Sovereign American State Citizen, moving your estate from the public to the private sector, you can now inform your legislators of your change in status and enjoy your new private life while having true influence over the agents of the public sector.

Enjoy your freedom today!!!

Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the privacy you deserve; declare your Personal Sovereignty with the Sui-Juris Sovereignty Kit today!

Don’t be a parasite!

Sovereignty means you are able to manage the affairs of your whole nation, be it continental or a nation of one.

The real problem in American society is that everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of wealth and freedom without being worthy and working for it. For example, breeding in poverty, living on borrowed money or welfare, is not self-government. That’s irresponsible childishness and dependency. (In the book “Slavery” it is explained that slaves are people who have been stunted from intellectual maturity and must remain dependent on their master for all necessities of life into adulthood.)

U.S. citizens are in the mindset the “the government” is greater than them and can solve all of their problems with laws and taxation. In other words, they don’t want to be self-governing, they want to be ruled by this tyrannical system.

Self-Government is a noble choice.

Migration from the status of an un-trusted immigrant, D.C. ward, to the status of an loyal and noble American Prince or Princess is something you must realize and do yourself.

Sovereign American Citizenship is the highest status one can have in the world and it’s not for the weak of heart, greedy or shallow of mind. Both public and private sectors are defined by rings of documents that allow or dis-allow contact between them. The knowledge of the private sector is literally priceless and that’s why it has always been a very exclusive club. Until now…

Welcome to the information age!!!

“We the People” built the internet in 1970 and attained global consciousness in 1987. This is the information age. The true knowledge of the law and the secrets of sovereignty have been passed on to us by concerned Americans and we’ve translated this knowledge from legalese into American English, so as to be understandable by the intelligent Americans like yourself.

Now, with the Sui-Juris Sovereignty Kit, you can learn how to be a responsible ruler of your own private, sovereign estate and complete the documents that protect you and your heirs from pretentious public piracy!!!


Get the Sui-Juris Sovereignty Kit when you make a donation to support the Sovereign Family Network!

Are you comfortable, trusting government employees with your life? Your livelihood? Your Kids?

You have come to this site for a reason, so...

what's really keeping you from being free?

Is it "the government"?

Is it "fear"?

...or is it simpy lack of knowledge?

The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

Did you know...

Section 666 of Title 42 (the Social Security Act) (42 USC Sec. 666)now requires every state, as a condition of Federal Revenue Sharing, to obtain "the number of your name" before you can receive any state services (e.g., a license to work, a license to drive, a license to marry).



The under the skin implantable micro-chip is now being used in the military, prisons and hospitals to identify volunteers. This chip blurs the line between paper and Sovereign personhood making all volunteers property of the Corporation that owns the chip.


This doesn't have to happen to you!

"Just say no, thank you! to the Mark of the Beast!"

What's all this buzz about Sovereign Citizenship anyway?

The subject fo this site is "citizenship" and what kind of citizenship or status one has. So before we go offshore, let's look at what U.S. citizenship is by looking at what the phrase "U.S." really means...

Here's a big surprise...

U.S. citizenship is not what you think it is.

Before the Civil War, there was only State Citizenship and a Confederated Union of independent States.

After the Civil War, "THE UNITED STATES" corporation was created and the 14th ammendment was passed to give corporate membership to freed slaves that had no birthright by law. Subsequently, freed slaves were granted 14th amendment immigrant citizenship to the "UNITED STATES" corporation, which now extends beyond the District of Columbia , and has contracts with and occupies the State Corporations under Maritime law (we show you the laws that prove it) .

But why would congress do this?

In 1871 congress incorporated under the business name "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" because they went broke from the Civil War. In order to re-build the nation they had to borrow money from foreign investors. That takes a contract.

In order to enter the contract, a corporation had to be formed. (foreign investors are now building a 20-lane super-highway from Mexico to Canada real quick here, so pay attention!)

Are you claiming U.S. immigrant status in your country/state of birth?

If so, you're committing fraud and that's how the "constitution is supended" in the commercial law system.

Did you know...

The "U.S." is not a State and is not a country.

Please do not mistake the singular entity "THE UNITED STATES" corporation and its member-citizens for the actual fifty separate States of the American Union or the American People.

So what exactly is the U.S. if it's not a state?

It's a corporation! (We show you the laws that prove it.) and it's governed by the laws of commerce. The U.S. corporation has no lawful authority over Private Sovereign State Citizens that are acting in the capacity of human beings. Think of "The U.S." as a big SAM'S CLUB with membership priveleges and lots of security guards. Legally that's all there is to it and it's our job to educate them and put them in their place! Simply put...

D.C. is not a State of the Union!

UNITED STATES citizenship is for immigrants and volunteers.

...interestingly enough, this is the very the U.S. citizenship that most Americans claim today, essentially the equivalent of immigrant status .

Not only that, but you can see by the size of the National Debt that it's a bankrupt corporation that is foreign to the American Union of Fifty States and "We the People"(we show you the laws that prove it) The U.S. "Government" is in debt to foreign bankers, and is taxing the American People for a ride.

The U.S. government only has authority over it's member corporations, and "paper persons" like military volunteers, fictitious business names(A.K.A.) and birth certificate names.

A corporation is not a country and it is not a human!

Corporations do not have rights secured by the Constitution. In other words, If you claim to be a U.S. citizen you are in th public sector, presumed to be acting in a commercial or "dead" capacity.(dead people cannot claim rights)

The American People have gotten hip to the scam!

It's a plain and simple fact: If you are a human and were born in a State, you are a Sovereign State Citizen and should not be claiming U.S. citizenship. If a public employee tells you otherwise, they've committed a crime! It's actually fraud and treason to try to trick you!

The solution is in Sovereign, State Citizenship!

A human cannot be born in, fifty states at the same time. Nor can he be a Citizen of 50 states at the same time. You were born in one state. That makes you a Citizen of that State, not the U.S. Not only that but you are a human rather than a corporation. A human can own a corporation but a human cannot actually be a corporation.

There is something very frightening about allowing "the government" to control your life!

Face it people... there has always been an epidemic of bloodsucking parasites who conspire secretly to exploit unsuspecting human beings. It's madness to think that you could just hand your life over to a bunch of greedy power-mongers in disguise as "the government" but people do it all the time.

The real trick to success in society is how to avoid being exploited by the professional sector.

The Sovereign Citizen's Hanbook shows you how to unsubscribe from the system and protect your estate from public exploitation!

We're not gonna sugarcoat our page here with some phoney sales pitch.

We're gonna tell it to you straight

If you were born in one of the fifty States of America, you should NOT be claiming "U.S. citizenship!" it's actually fraud, and that's how they get you, because you're committing fraud and don't even know it. What a scam! They're all in on it and they're all defrauding you!

Find out exactly what kind of citizenship you should be claiming to avoid being prosecuted for fraud and find out how to bust public servants for defrauding you: Get it now!

It's your inheritance they're stealing!

Misunderstanding the law can be very costly. It can take food out of your child's mouth, compromise your quality of life, is often times embarassing and can even be downright humiliating. Unfortunately, almost everyone just goes along with what government employees tell them, whether they are right or wrong. This can often lead to unnecessary and very costly taxes, licenses and fines. In fact, it is often such a bother to do legal research that nearly all ordinary Americans who get a ticket , whether they are right or wrong, consider it to be "more trouble than it's worth to contest it."

The fastest way to catch up and learn how to to rely on Sovereign Citizenship to protect your rights, your property and your family from government fraud is to read this book. Standard law books are written in a code that typically confounds the common man. So, rather than waste your precious time digging up case law and code to protect yourself from predatory government agents or dishonest lawyers, we've done it for you. You can reference them all in one easy to understand study guide:

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

Designed to arrest public fraud and get you back into the private sector, this book reveals how the system is used to defraud the people and gives comprehensive strategies to avoid the tricks of "Uncle Scam", establish your Sovereignty, and "back your ass out of the system." 

It's the peaceful solution to the "government problem"

The secrets of Sovereignty and usage of your name have been used by the elitists and the institutions to swindle and intimidate the publicly-educated masses. As a matter of fact the university class has been taking the labor class for a ride in this country for over a century, now! But not any more...

Don't live another day in fear of "the government"!

The truth is that "the government" is really just a bunch of little stores, basically, independent contractors, stretched out across the country that rely on the stupidity of the "publicly educated" to walk up to the counter and "register" for their contract services. The sheeple are so confounded, that they just line up for "the slaughter".
You too, can enjoy the benefits of Sovereignty known only thusfar to the educated, elitist and ruling classes...

Never before has it been this simple to understand how to disenfranchise yourself from "the government"


TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

"This is a plain English guide that shows you how "government" employees are trained to be predators and how to keep them from exploiting you!" It is specifically written to help the average American protect him/herself from government employees who treat humans like slaves.

This may be the most important book you will ever read!

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook is a complete legal defense strategy guide written in plain American English and reveals the truth, the facts and the laws that give you immunity to "the police state" and reveals strategies to beat any claim against your name.

Get this Simple Guide to Sovereignty and you can educate your family, your friends and your neighbors and together, you can bind your elected officials to respect the rights of the Humans in your community.

And you can get all of the paperwork and supplimentary documentation you need with a Sovereign Family Network Membership.

The Super Simple Sovereignty Kit

A Sovereign Family Network Membership includes both the book in either digital or paperback format and:

The Super Simple Sovereignty Kit which includes a "Blizzard of Paperwork"!

An archive with a total of 1,000 reference files and documents.

Universities are a Ripoff !!!

Never before has such an archive been compiled and made available to the common man, with the average price per document at about 10 cents per file.

Due to inflation, We will be soon be separating the archive onto several disks by category and charging more for access so...

become a member and get your kit now, while the price is still low and the economy is still good!


What's in the book?

In TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook we reveal the most effective legal strategies and laws that secure your inheritance of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

A life free from "government" intervention is what Sovereingty is all about and disenfranchising yourself from the "government" by Sovereign Decaration of Human status together with ownership of your name, is the correct legal way to protect yourself, your family and your property from bogus laws and the employees that represent them.

Think about it: When a privately owned business goes "public" it becomes a corporation that is openly traded on the stock market.

Think about it: when a private State Citizen signs up for a birth certificate for their newly-born child, they have just created a corporation, and when they apply for a social security number, and then place their privately owned children in "public" school, they are doing business in that corporation's name.

Not only that, but they have condemned their children to 12 years of a kind of jail, where they will be conditioned by a Godless institution to identify themselves as a Godless corporation that has no rights.

Learn how to stop social workers from stealing your children!

fuck da police!


Adoptions and foster care are a big business. It happens over and over again: innocent families torn apart by heartless social workers. That's why we've included a special chapter dedicated to protecting your precious offspring from vindictive cops and predatory CPS workers.

If you are a private Sovereign Citizen and your children are "off the grid" you can rightfully home-school and/or un-school them because they are invisible to "the system". As a matter of fact, no government agency can tell you what to do with you kids because you retain full authority over them.

Includes special chapter on Having Ninja Babies!

With 15 years of experience in keeping our children safely outside of the system we included a special chapter that shows you how to keep your kids safely out of the system and even use alternative documentation for establishing their identity! Without a mark or a number C.P.S. employees have no claim to your children, which keeps them from devastating your children's lives.

In chapter 14, Having Ninja Babies...

Whether you're birthing your baby at home or in a hospital , we show you how to have your baby without creating the birth certificate and social security number ("fictitious business accounts") or giving up your child's DNA.


We have done all of the research, so you don't have to!!!

We have done all the research!


The "laws" of this land are in a secret language called "THE UNITED STATES CODE" and it is nearly impossible for the publicly educated to decipher. Fortunately, our team of experts has done all of the research for you, and compiled an easy reference guide to the most important laws regarding sovereignty and personal freedom.

Never before has the complex language and the strategy to dominate your public servants been broken down into plain American English and organized into one simple and very organized handbook.

We even offer a supplemental data disk with all of the paperwork that you need to beat bogus charges in any court in America!

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook


Find out the things they didn't teach you in school!

Find out the things they didnt teach you in school!

In TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook we show you exactly how to understand Sovereign Citizenship and how you can rely on knowledge of the law to keep the "government" out of your private affairs. In exactly the manner that our founding fathers intended.

  • We explain in plain American English, the difference between your birth certificate "fictitious business name" and your real human "self" and how to draw the line between the two.

  • We show you how to take control of your name away from the government and other commercial agencies and take posession of it yourself.

  • We show you how to eliminate your legal troubles with simple strategy and paper filings. After all, on the record of the court it's all paper anyway.

  • We show you how to protect your property , your family and your name from nosy neighbors, "government" predators and subcontracting agencies such as "CPS".

  • We show you how to use your household gadgets to collect evidence to bust these pseudo-government and sub-contracting predators.

  • We show you how to establish an identity for your newborn children that is sovereign and immune to predatory agents and agencies.

  • Not only that but, we show you how to enter evidence to the official records to establish your case for a money claim in a countersuit!

  • We show you how to influence your public servants to weed out government predators that are doing bad business within their juridsictions.

  • As a matter fact, truth, and law, we've been challenging government fraud since 1991 without any difficulty and believe me, there's always a way to beat bogus charges and fraud!

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

Discover how to make the law work for you, not against you!

By examining and applying all aspects of constituional, commercial, and case law, which is the standing body of the "American Common Law", TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook explains in plain American English how to enjoy private exemption from all public "policies" with a little paper shuffle just like the educated and the rich people do. All the legal system really is, is a simple little paper shuffle...and it's actually very easy to understand!

TITLE 4 FLAG SAYSYOU'RE SCHWAG!   Super Simple Sovereingty Kit

Never before has Sovereign Citizenship been so readily available to the common man!

Let us break down a couple of principles here to make it easy for you:

What exactly is Sovereignty?

Well, there's basically two kinds of Sovereignty...

  • Absolute Sovereignty - This applies to God. However you know Him/Her, God is the ultimate Sovereign. He/She rules all that He/She surveys and answers to no-one above Him/Herself. So in all of the universe, God is the Absolute Sovereign, and every force in nature including human conduct is His/Her subject and under the control of "The Laws of Nature", i.e. "gravity", "cause and effect", etc.

  • Relative Sovereignty - This applies to you. it means that you belong to God and that you are royalty. It means being Severed from any rulership other than the Laws of Nature, God's Natural Law.

    Our founding fathers were born in a world where the King (George) of England, was the highest sovereign of all he surveyed (the whole world.) In other words, the king owned everything and that everyone was his subject and was just using the king's stuff.

    The Declaration of Independence makes us Sovereign

    You know that movie, "National Treasure"? Well it's obviously a big clue left by the "Free Masons" so that you can realize where the value really is. It's not in a hoard of treasure. The "National Treasure" is the Declaration of Independence itself. (The hoard of artifacts is the distraction for the shallow-minded fools.)

    When our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence they declared by the authority of God that they are equal to King of England, and rightfully independent from British rule.

    The passionate drive for independence?

    Our founding fathers didn't like being opressed by the tyrant, George, and that's why they put a whole ocean between England and their families. In fact they built foundries and made guns and cannonballs to defend themselves from the king's redcoats. I've seen old historic foundries myself. It's pretty amazing that our ancestors went thorugh such efforts to protect their sovereignty from King George.

    After a lot of bloodshed and loss of life, our founding fathers penned a "Declaration of Independence" from the Sovereign King George of England on hemp rag paper and then a Constitution to structure a nation of Sovereign Kings all equal rather than subjects.

    Our founding fathers really did their homework

    They understood sovereignty and commerce so well, they built a whole nation with two pieces of paper. Funny thing is that when you look at those two little pieces of paper in the proper light, the brilliance really shines right through.

    You wanna know what else is very consequential?

    The very last line of the Declaration of Independence reads: And for the support of this declaration, "...with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

    In reliance and faith in God's will, they pledged their lives, and as a result were blessed by the Creator with their own independence and sovereignty!

    That says a lot about how our founding fathers were acting out of faith in the Supreme Sovereign to protect their relative sovereignty.

    Why a firm reliance on God?

    Why a firm reliance on God?

    ...because they were involved in real warfare with the British Army and they simply didn't know if revolution was going to work, or if everyone was going to be mercillesly slaughtered and taxed to death. So, they put their trust in God!

    Order TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook RIGHT NOW! and discover the Secrets of Sovereingty!

    There's a whole Sovereignty Movement sweeping the Nation and you can be a part of it!!!

  • Americans have become aware of the N.W.O. agenda and are ready to take control of their elected officials. We now have networks of sovereigns that are restoring a unified nation of Sovereigns, with full power and influence over their public servants.

    Watch this video and see what people are doing about it...


    "There is a way to get control of your life and put it back in your own hands!!!"

    Check this out...

    Your country is full of like-minded individuals just like yourself and we are affecting real change in the way the "government" does business on the streets.

    Get your human self out of the legal system by Declaring your Sovereignty NOW!

    The cat is out of the bag!

    The cat is out of the bag!

    The truth is at your fingertips now and we're networking like wildfire! Americans all over the country are declaring sovereignty and taking their personal and national freedom back! And now, when you order your Super simple Sovereignty Kit with us, we will include alongside the Blizzard of Paperwork disk, your very own Declaration of Sovereignty, and our complete reference library folder, a gift to you, absolutely free!

    Don't miss the boat!

    Don't miss the boat!

    The information revolution has already occurred, and Activists and Media Agencies across the Nation have already downloaded the information and saved it to thier hard drives.

    How does this work in the courts?

    It's a Maxim of Law that if you don't claim to be a Private Sovereign Human Citizen on the record, you are presumed to be incompetent which means that you are a ward of the state. That's why they always "appoint a lawyer for you." It's you are presumed to be an atheist without a soul, a paper person, rather than a God-fearing Human with rights.

    Declaration of Sovereignty is proof of human status!

    Declairation of Sovereignty

    You can breathe easy now, because when you notice the world that you are indeed a living soul with a "Declaration of Sovereingty" you have made a "record" of your life and the courts have to accept that you are not "chattel" or "engaged in commerce".

    Get it?

    Message us if you don't get it. We're here to help you understand the difference between your Sovereign self and your fictitious business birth certificate.


    Download TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook and learn the art of judicial jiu-jitsu today!!!


    Computer illiterate?

    Tired of straining your eyes?


    Get the paperback edition of TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook shipped right to your door!


    Wanna do something about corruption in your local police force?

    We show you exactly how to use your video camera and a simple understanding of law to collect evidence and...

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    Up until recently, the media has had complete control of the information stream. They have had us belieiving that free thinkers are few and far between but that is simply not the truth.

    You really don't have to take up arms to fight the good fight.

    Our methods actually diffuse potentially violent situations and keep both Civilians and cops from getting hurt!

    With the advent of the information age and tools like video phones , digital voice recorders, the internet, myspace, youtube, the people have become the reporters and they're actually stopping people from getting hurt!

    Become a member of the Sovereign Family Network and stop being intimidated by arrogant policemen!

    The "government" is subject to the laws of commerce, and those laws allow you to protect your sovereign human rights with the paperwork process.

    With your Sovereign Family Network Membership, we walk you through a step-by-step process to become a Sovereign Citizen, politically immune to all laws of the corporation states.

    Sovereign Family Network Membership gives you the tools you need to crush goverment fraud and stay out of "trouble" with "the law" by redeeming your name and claiming your American Inhertance of true Sovereign Immunity.

    How do we do it?

    Everything in law is done with a little paper shuffle. With the Super Simple Sovereignty Kit you can train your public servants to follow your orders and leave you alone.

    Sovereign Family Network Membership streamlines the paperwork process and relieves you of pesky public servants. Evidence of law violations and a "Blizzard of Paperwork" really makes them want to leave you alone!

    The Super Simple Sovereignty Kit

    Your Sovereignty Family Network Membership includes:
    • 1 copy of TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook
    • The "Blizzard of Paperwork" Disc - A permanent offline mirror/backup of the Reference Archive for your personal records
    • 1 Sovereign Declarations
    • 2 No Trespassing Notices
    • 1 Video Surveillance Notices
    • 2 Private Vessel Notices
    • 1 Flag Comparison Sheets
    • 1 State Flags Reference Documents
    • 1 BIG Sovereign Authority Seals
    • 1 BIG Civil Flags
    • 2 Medium Sovereign Authority Seals
    • 2 Small Sovereign Authority Seals
    • 5 Big Title 4 Flags
    • 5 Mini Title 4 Flags
    • 5 Big Civil Flags
    • 18 Mini Civil Flags
    • 5 Big 13 Star Flags
    • 5 Mini 13 Star Flags
    • 8 NO YELLOW Badges
    • 6 Point of Contact I.D. Cards
    • 5 "BONUS" Mini Flags
    • A Password to the Sovereign Family Network Reference Archive
    • Document Certification

    Become a member of the Sovereign Family Network and legally claim ownership of your name and put your kingdom back in your own hands.


    Who should read TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook?

    -Sovereign Citizens of the World.


    -Industry professionals.

    -Network marketers.


    -Talk show hosts.

    -Political activist and activist group leaders.

    -Believers and people of faith that want to preserve thier liberties and protect their God-given birthright to be self Governing.

    -People that want to declare Sovereignty and govern their own lives.

    -Single mothers at risk for losing children.

    -Everyone who wants to protect their bodies, families, and private property from renegade public servants.

    -Ron Paul supporters.
    -Numismatists and dealers of fine arts.

    TITLE 4 FLAG SAYS YOU'RE SCHWAG! The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

    The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook

    The Super Simple Sovereignty Kit

    Order your Super Simple Sovereignty Kit Today! ... and preserve your rights, before you go and apply for another I.D. card.



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