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The Sovereign Citizen's Handbook
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20 ~ Making a Record

Can I say enough about the importance of the written word. Without a record of your life, how does anyone know that you were ever here at all?

If you want to keep yourself and family safe from police harassment in this day and age it's easy. You might as well be prepared. Cops are scared of getting caught by witnesses on video and audio.

you should get in the habit of recording every detail in an encounter. Names, badges, license plates, unit numbers, times and landmarks.

In the courts, and ll that actually matters is what goes onto the record. It holds all of the truth, facts, and law about the case, all of the evidence, and all of the claims made. If you've got the record stacked in your favor you have a good chance of making it big. Consistently, the guy with the most orderly stack of paper usually wins.

The most important documents that you should have recorded are the Claim for the Life, Declaration of Sovereignty and the flag law papers from the disk.

Recording Proof of Service Internationally

The whole purpose of the record is to prove the facts of the case. Sometimes the courts can inconveniently lose your file and say they have no record of your paperwork. The best way to prove that documents were served to the court is to send them Registered mail, return-receipt. Registered mail is given an international tracking number so that you can prove in any jurisdiction that your documents were delivered. This can be used for all official records.

In the case of a Declaration of Sovereignty this would be set to the GOVERNOR (commander in chief of the police forces) SECRETARY OF STATE and ATTORNEY GENRAL for any state that you would be traveling through.

With the a fax transmission receipt to show a cop that it's on file if you get stopped. Once the Attorney General and Governor are with the TITLE 42 CH. 21, SEC. 1986 KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW they cannot allow their State agents to commit the fraud against you and their Oath, otherwise it constitutes collusion and conspiracy.

Keeping notes is equally important if you go to jail. You better not sign anything without a reservation of rights under threat and make lots of notes with names, times, departments and anything else you might want to prove in court; in ketchup, on a paper bag if you have to because it will matter. Constantly demand a pencil so that you can make note of all of your demands and the people, times and places by which you were denied your rights.

Community Records

Start a local chapter of the Sovereign Civilian Police Observation Task Force program and collect reports on rogue public servants and organizations that practice abuse of authority. You can use our web site forum to build a database where you can submit incident reports and exchange strategies with other sovereigns for proving your claims. This is a great way to find out which communities are safe for sovereigns or still need law teams.


If you post a notice and photograph it you can prove that the police knew it was private property before they set foot or entered.

We had great success traveling all over the country in the most conspicuous kind of vessel; a 1969 VW van. We used a wrecking yard window pencil to write a legal notice on the back window of our van stating:

Legal Notice: Natural-born American Sovereigns on religious pilgrimage in our 'Temple Dwelling House'. Non-commercial, private use only. Rightful use of American Easements.

Discrimination, interrogation or obstruction will result in federal action. Title 18 U.S.C. : Ch.13: Sec. 241, 242, 247. “WITHOUT PREJUDICE” UCC 1-207

Of course we got a lot of people cheering us on! We made sure to take photos for the record. A lot of cops pulled up behind us, read it and went away. We did get one dumbshit sheriff’s deputy to ignore the legal notice and flag on videotape and the DA for that County refused to open a case on the matter. Fuck you! Pay me!

Brookfield Co. v Stuart, 234 F. Supp. 94, it was recognized that:

"an...officer who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government."

If you are by yourself and you are stopped by a cop for no reason and he blatantly violates your rights, you can argue it until you are blue in the face but you will not be able to prove it without some kind of record.

If a cop is going to perjure his oath to uphold the Constitution, you can bet he is going to falsify testimony about the stop and make up a story about how you are such a criminal.

How are you going to prove it if he lies? Maybe a miracle witness will come forward and stay with you through the whole case? Unlikey.

Do you think that the court is going to consider your girlfriend's testimony as more credible than his?  Can she operate a video camera?  The digital age is upon us and we have the advantage because these guys are obviously barbarians still living in the dark ages.  Do yourself a favor and invest in a portable digital recorder and/or a video camera before you travel.

Recording devices

The best device I have found yet is the CREATIVE LABS MUVO 256 which is available at most WAL-MART stores for under $100 (last check $80).  This pager-lookin' thing is a quarter gigabyte USB data storage chip that has buttons for an FM tuner, with voice and FM radio recording. This thing is almost microscopic and plugs into any computer with a USB port. It fits nicely under your shirt and you can store any kind of file on it including your paperwork!

Video cameras rule! Hand-held or wireless, it doesn't matter. Cops are very intimidated when looking down the barrel of a video camera. One wrong move and it could cost them their job!

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